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Premium CRM / PIMS Platform

Product and Services

With monthly subscription, you will receive a variety of competitive products and services.

1. CRM / PIMS Solution

Provides cloud-based personal information and customer management system that allows for easy and efficient business and project management including personal schedule, marketing tools, contact management, employee management, printing and publishing, purchase orders, payroll, POS tools, workgroup tools, and financial management tools.

2. TresMall

We offer discounted e-commerce shopping mall, a multi-million dollar e-commerce platform, discounts and a 20 percent instant reward on purchases through TresMall, and an e-commerce platform for users to publish and sell products and services.

3. Tresmore Benefits with TresWallet

Tresmore members and merchants receive additional benefits through referral and usage.

4. Tresmore Compensation for affiliate activities

Café Thanks, TM Wellbeing marketing, and more to come!

5. Rewards according to spot service / promotion

More rewards for participating in questionnaires for Tresmore members. Non-periodic event-based direct referral benefits: offering rewards for direct referrals.

6. Offering rewards for providing information

The reward is given to people who provides their monthly purchases information that Tresmore can appraise the value for its big data analysis.

7. TresAuction

TresAuction is a comprehensive and user friendly online penny auction platform. Tresmore members will have the additional advantage of using TresWallet payment to make bids and purchase merchandises.

8. TresAD

TresAD will allow Tresmore members to create and publish online advertisements for their business.

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