Tres International created Tresmore not to simply give out rebates. The substantive goal is for members to receive the best value for their money through our CRM (Customer Relationship Management system. We provide informative and helpful data, collected from information submitted by members, to our subsidiary companies.
Tres International is a platform with CRM and PIMS which provide to general members rebate rewards and enables associates the opportunities to obtain great earnings.

How to use TresAuction

Reward / Rebate

Q1: When is the deadline for receipt submission?
A1: You can upload receipts once you have completed registration. Receipts must be uploaded by the monthly deadline, which is the 3rd of the following month, to be eligible for rebates. For example, all receipts of purchases made from October 1st onward must be submitted by November 3rd to be eligible for October rebate.

Q2: How do I upload my receipts?
A2: Follow the steps below to correctly submit receipts
  • Creates an image file (jpg, png) by taking or scanning a receipt photo.
  • Click the Upload button and select the image file.
  • From the drop-down list, select the store that corresponds to your receipt.
  • Use the calendar to select the date of purchase for your receipt.
  • Enter the amount corresponding to the receipt.
  • Submit button to complete the receipt upload process.

  • Q3: Should I upload a photo of my receipt as an attachment after registering my card and stores?
    A3: After registering your favorite card and stores, you must upload image files of corresponding receipts.

    Q4: Is there a currency conversion feature for entering receipt amount in dollars?
    A4: Yes. When submitting receipts, you can select the currency conversion feature to convert to amounts to USD.

    Q5: Do I need to enter all digits of the credit/debit card(s) used for each month?
    A5: Yes, the listing of all digits on each card used is required. Your information will be protected in our system; some digits will be shown in syntax and the remainder will be coded.

    Q6: What kind of cards can I use for cash reward?
    A6: We accept most credit and debit cards. You can upload only one favorite card in a month.

    Q7: What are the conditions for receiving receipts?
    A7: Each receipts will be inspected for authenticity. The image of receipts must include a clear image file and a list of items purchased, proper information (store name, phone number of store, address, date of use, the amount of receipt and list of items and card number) and the classification of each store must be correct.

    Q8: What kinds of receipts are rejected?
    A8: The following submissions will be rejected:
  • They fail to include the required criteria listed in A7.
  • They fail to include a list of items purchased or only a sales slip in the image.
  • The classification of the store is incorrect.
  • The store’s name and address are not registered in English. The store’s name and address in the image should be same with the store name and address in your registered data.
  • The input amount is not identical to the amount shown on the receipt.
  • The date on the actual receipt is different from the date input for the receipt.
  • Tip and tax are included in the registered amount.
  • The registered card does not match the card number listed in the image.

  • Q9: What will happen if I submit a fake receipt?
    A9: Your membership will be terminated.

    Q10: How are stores classified?
    A10: Stores are classified by the following categories:
  • Retail: groceries, convenience store, clothing items, decorations / jewelry, home appliances, personal belongings/miscellaneous goods and other consumable goods.
  • Restaurant: restaurants and other establishments serving edible items.
  • Gas: gas stations and LPG stations.
  • Services: hair, beauty, nail, massage shops and other kinds of service centers.
  • Entertainment: movies, shows, amusement parks, museums, sports facilities and other establishments providing entertainment.

  • * Services and entertainment receipts must include some description of within the store name that can help identity the specific kind of services or entertainment provided by the store.

    Q11: What are the requirements for registering stores?
    A11: Store registration must meet the following guidelines:
  • All stores must be registered separately, including Stores with identical names and chain stores.
  • Department stores, outlets, general merchandise shops, multi-store group companies should be registered separately.
  • To determine whether receipts are from the same store, check the store name and address on receipts. If the information is identical, you can registered the receipt under as one store. If the information is not identical, the receipts are from separate stores and you should registered them separately.

  • Q12: How should I input the store name for a franchise store?
    A12: Please include the full spelling of store name and address at which it is located.

    Q13: Do you accept receipt without a phone number of the business?
    A13: Yes, we can accept a receipt without a phone number, but you must include the store’s phone number when you input the data.

    Q14: What kinds of receipts/purchases are ineligible for receiving rebates?
    A14: The receipts of insurance, advertising, utility bills, taxes, service charges, hospital fees, rent, and tuition are not allowed.

    Q15: Is it possible to register an online shop as a favorite store?
    A15: You cannot register an online shop that does not have any physical store location. Certain online shops have a physical store location; in that case, you may register the physical location of the store as your favorite shop, and your purchases from the corresponding online shop are eligible for rebates. For example, the online shop, Ebay, does not have a physical store location, so you cannot register Ebay as a favorite store and cannot get rebate for purchases on Ebay. For online shops such as Macy's, which has physical stores, you can get rebates for purchases from Macy's if its physical location is registered as on your favorite stores.
    (Notice) Online Shop receipts should have lists of items, too. Receipts without list of items are ineligible for rebates.

    Q16: Can I submit a receipt from a network company, home shopping, or door-to-door sales?
    A16: No. Such purchases are ineligible for rebates.

    Q17: Can I get rebates on flight fares or travel expenses?
    A17: No. Such purchases are ineligible for rebates.

    Q18: Can I receive rebates for hotel bills?
    A18: Yes, receipts from hotels are eligible for rebates.

    Q19: Can I receive rebates for receipts for gift cards, gift certificates, or vouchers?
    A19: No, receipts of gift cards, gift certificates or vouchers, memberships and transportation fees are ineligible for rebates.

    Q20: What is the dollar limit for a receipt?
    A20: You may input any amount from $5 to $300 per a receipt. Thus, when a receipt exceeds the $300 limitation, you cannot enter the actual amount, but must register the amount as $300.

    Q21: How is reward credit given?
    A21: Depending on the result of receipts inspection, 20% of receipt amount is given as reward credit up to $130(20% of $650) for the first time, and $260 for the next(20% of $1,300).

    Q22: What is the process for receipt approval and rebate payment?
  • Inspection: Receipts/submissions are checked for authenticity and proper form by Tresmore employees.
  • Upload and Payment date: Receipts in a month must be uploaded by the 3rd of the following month. Rebates will be distributed on the 10th of the month following the upload date.
  • For example, you must submit your October receipts by the 3rd of November, and you will receive rebates on the 10th of December.

    Q23: What should I do to appeal a receipt rejected regarding its form and authenticity?
    A23: You can appeal the status of your submission by emailing (with your card statement info) [email protected] by the 15th of the month following rejection. In such case, your receipt upload will be re-checked and a final determination will be released by the first day of the next month. For example, rebates for the month of October are processed on November 10th. If you wish to appeal your submission(s), you should email [email protected] by November 15th, and a final determination on the eligibility of the appealed submission(s) will be given by December 1st.

    Q24: Are all members eligible for receiving reward credits?
    A24: Reward credit for receipts are not given to associates who are ranked silver or above.

    Q25: How reward credit can be used?
    A25: Rewards for receipts can be received as reward credit. You may transfer $130 of Reward credit to Monthly TresPass (ex: if there’s $150 reward credit, $130 can be transferred to a TresPass and the remaining $20 reward credit is saved until reward credit reaches $130.) If you want to use your Reward Credit to renew your membership, you must change it to a TresPass by clickig the “Generator” button for Reward Credit in TresWallet, before the next renewal date. When your reward credit reaches $300 or more, your reward credit can be withdrawn in cash. You must activate your Global E-wallet and upload your ID (passport, driver’s license or government ID and utility bill) before you can transfer your reward credit to TresPass or cash.

    Q26: Should I exclude the taxes or tips when entering the receipt amount?
    A26: Yes, please input the amount without the inclusion of taxes or tips.

    Q27: Can rewards over the monthly reward limit rollover?
    A27: No, all rewards must be settled each month and there is no rollover. Reward credit is given up to the maximum amount of each month (the first month is up to $130, the following month are up to $260) according to the reward criteria. The amount over the limit is not rolled over to the next month.

    Q28: Is it possible to change my registered stores?
    A28: Yes. It’s possible only after deleting already registered store names.

    Q29: Is it possible to change my card number for rewards?
    A29: You may change your registered credit or debit card once every month, from the 11th to the end of the month.

    Q30: Can I register a new card if I lose my original card?
    A30: If you have lost your registered card, please notified Tresmore by emailing [email protected] We will assist you with registering your new card.


    Q31: Can I edit my personal information?
    A31: Please input your information accurately when you register. You cannot edit your personal information. Please contact Tresmore with your registration information including the information you wish to update, your ID at [email protected] or [email protected] for further assistance.

    Q32: How much is the membership fee?
    A32: You have the option of choosing a $129.99 monthly membership fee or a $330.00 quarterly membership fee.

    Q33: How many accounts can I open?
    A33: Members are restricted from opening multiple accounts. Tresmore has a strict one person once account policy. An email or mobile phone number may only be used once to register an account. You cannot use an email or phone number to open more than one account. Members with multiple accounts will forfeit their accounts and will not be eligible to receive rebates and commission.

    Q34: Can my family members open accounts?
    A34: Tresmore does not object to family members of affiliates participating in the business. However, you must fully understand the company's policy and compensation plans. Any policy violations, such as malicious "stacking" or system manipulation, will result in the forfeiture of your account and compensation.

    Q35: What is the minimum age for joining Tresmore?
    A35: The minimum age for enrollment is 18.

    Q36: I cannot log in to my account. How do I recover my username or password?
    A36: Unsuccessful logins can result from inputting incorrect password or an inactive account. If your account is inactive, you can activate your account with a TresPass. If your password is incorrect, please click the "Forgot Password" button and we will send a link to your registered e-mail to update your password. If you still cannot log in, please contact us at [email protected] or [email protected] including your registration information(username, English name, Email address, phone number and address) and photo ID.

    Q37: What does "inactive" mean?
    A37: Tresmore is a subscription-based service, and a membership becomes "inactive" if membership fee is not paid when the subscription period expires (by membership type - monthly, quarterly). All member benefits will be suspended until the account again becomes active.

    Q38: Can I change my username?
    A38: No, your username cannot be changed.

    Q39: Is it possible to create a corporate account?
    A39: No, all accounts are individual accounts.

    Q40: How long is the membership available?
    A40: Membership is available in 1 month and 3 month increments. Your membership will be active until one calendar day before the registration date for the next cycle. After that it will be inactive. For example, for monthly membership, you make a payment on November 2nd. Your account will be active until December 1st, one calendar day before your next membership payment is due. For quarterly membership, you make a payment on November 2nd, your membership will be active until February 1st.

    Q41: Can I cancel my current subscription? Or can I change my sponsor?
    A41: You cannot cancel your membership and receive refunds for the current month. You can only cancel future subscriptions. You cannot change sponsor. You have to read and agree to our Terms and Conditions prior to registration on our Tresmore Website. The current Terms and Conditions say "All membership dues cannot be refunded as the benefits of the service are realized immediately upon payment." If you do not want to maintain your membership, simply do not pay your upcoming membership fee to deactivate your account.

    Q42: What if I forget my PIN for transferring passes?
    A42: After logging in to your account, go to account -> account profile and you will be able to change it by clicking "Change PIN."

    Q43: To whom may I transfer my passes?
    A43: You can transfer your pass to anybody within your lineage.

    Q44: How do I renew my membership? A44: You'll need to renew your account every month or every three months, depending on your subscription period, to keep your membership active. The account expiration date is displayed under the account name in the dashboard. You can renew your account with your commissions or a TresPass in your account. Even if the account is inactive, you can reactivate it by simply purchasing a TresPass.

    Q45: Can I make my account active with TresPass?
    A45: Yes. Just buy a TresPass, transfer it to the account and log in to the account. Then, you can see a "Renewal" (orange) button at the top of the page and finish the reactivation process by clicking the button.

    Q46: What happens to my bonus balance when my membership becomes inactive?
    A46: When your membership is inactive, you cannot receive your commissions.

    Q47: How long can an account be inactive?
    A47: If you DON’T reactivate your account within 3 months, you will forfeit your account and any unpaid commissions.

    Q48: Can an account be transferred or inherited by others?
    A48: An account cannot be transferred. Inheritance is possible after confirmation process by submitting supporting documents (death certificate, family relationship certificate, etc.)You can reach us at [email protected] for more details.

    Q49: Can I buy a TresPass with my credit card?
    A49: No, you cannot buy TresPass with your credit card.

    Q50: Can I buy a TresPass with commission?
    A50: Yes.

    Q51: How do I pay my subscription fees?
    A51: Membership fees will be automatically charged on the renewal date when there is enough commission or a TresPass in one’s account. The order is commission first and then your TresPass.


    Q52: What are the ranks available?
    A52: There are a total of 13 different ranks, which determines compensation including Daily Bonus and Leadership Bonus. Please see the Tresmore Service Guide for more details.

    Q53: What are differences between general membership and associate membership?
    A53: All Silver members (those who directly recruit three members) have to decide whether they will participate in the compensation plan. If they choose to participate in the compensation plan by selecting Associate membership, they cannot participate in uploading receipts to get rebate. Associate members demoted to general member, can get rebates.

    Q54: How are the rewards structured?
    A54: Daily rewards are paid out as follows:
  • Silver - Crown: 90% Cash and 10% T-Credit.
  • Royal Crown and beyond: 50% Cash, 30% T-Credit, 10% S-Credit, and 10% C-Credit. The various credits can be used as follows:
  • 1) T-Credit can be used at Tresmall, TresAuction, and TresAd to buy products and services.
    2) S-Credit can be used to purchase listed/unlisted shares of the company.
    3) C-Credit can be used to purchase cryptocurrencies.

    * Cash withdrawal can be done through Global eWallet. Once your eWallet account is set up, cash can be withdrawn through direct deposit or to a prepaid card.

    Q55: What about taxes?
    A55: American residents earning more than US $600 must complete the W9 form in the back office before withdrawing additional funds. At the end of each fiscal year, a 1099 will be issued. Non-American residents must complete the IRS W8 BEN form in the back office before withdrawing additional funds. This requirement is necessary for companies to clarify non-resident and resident income as part of their tax reporting obligations. Please note that the IRS may share W8 BEN Statements with each State Tax Department. Tax reporting is the responsibility of each individual operator.


    Q56: When can I transfer to my Global eWallet?
    A56: You can transfer anytime from 12:00 am on Sunday to 11:59 pm on Monday (U.S. Eastern Time Zone).

    Q57: How much money can I transfer to my Global eWallet?
    A57: The amount of withdrawal may be between $20 and $5,000. All commissions are available for withdrawal 15 days after earning.

    Q58: How can I transfer to my Global eWallet?
    A58: You should upload your ID (passport, driver's license, etc.) and utility bill to your account profile before the first transfer. Every time you transfer your money to Global eWallet, you will receive verification link to your mobile phone which you must verify.

    Q60: I want to know more about the withdrawal process.
    A60: After you sign up, you can activate your Global eWallet after verifying your email. To use the full function of Global wallet, you will have to verify your ID and residence. The information on your eWallet must also match the info on your Tresmore account. You can withdraw your money transferred from your back office through debit card, credit card, bank account or check. Global ewallet activation fee is $1.95. Monthly maintenance fee is $1.00. For more information, please view the video in this link: (

    Debit Card

    Q61: When can I apply for a debit card?
    A61: If you have enough balance to pay a card issuance fee in Global Ewallet, you can order a debit card.

    Q62: The ThanksMatrix card does not have a chip. Can I withdraw money from ATM machines?
    A62: You can withdraw money from an ATM by swiping the card.

    Q63: What if I lose my ThanksMatrix card?
    A63: Notify Tresmore, and apply for a new card. Your lost card will be deactivated.


    Q: How do I contact the company if I have additional questions?
    A: We're currently receiving questions via email only. Emails will be answered within 3 days.
  • General Information: [email protected]
  • Account / TresPass: [email protected]
  • Compliance: [email protected]
  • Redemption: [email protected]
  • Feedback: [email protected]
  • eWallet: [email protected]
  • Recruiting: [email protected]


    Tresmore Management Team