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We are Tresmore.

About Us

Tresmore takes the lead in advancing towards the 4th Industrial Revolution, a digital revolution characterized by a fusion of technologies of the physical, digital, and biological spheres, with the best and most advance products and services. We provide convenient cloud-based system for easy management of personal information and data. We collect and analyze big data contributed by members. Big data has not only expand to multiple industries, but its significance is also exponentially increasing.

Our use of big data is to extract and analyze useful and valuable information to to establish our own big data driven business. Members are rewarded for their participation in our data collection process. We provide comprehensive services that combine reward services and e-commerce transactions, creating a one-stop solution.

Tresmore and Big Data Analytics

Tresmore does not merely provide a reward program. We focus on big data collection and analytics. "Big data analytics" includes not only large data collection, but it becomes useful only when meaningful conclusions are properly extracted.
Initially various technologies focused on the speed and scale of data collection, but now the focus is on analyzing big data to transform it into profitable business tools.
Big data analytics enables configuration of patterns of consumer spending habit, correlation between disease and genetic make-ups, and price relationship among different stocks.
Such patterns found in big data analysis carry strong statistical significance with strong predictive capabilities, powerful in driving profit for many industries.

Tresmore finds accurate patterns within consumer spending habit by analyzing member-contributed purchase information and supports business owners to grow their profits and consumer base with results of data analytics.
We are excited to play a major role in the beginning of big data revolution, and we will always prioritize consumer’s satisfaction.

For The Data-Driven Enterprise - Tresmore
Tresmore has the technology to process and analyze big data to generate useful information.
We are aiming to become the leader in the big data industry. We continue to penetrate new markets and develop relevant solutions
to become a globally-recognized corporation. With experts in the big data field,
we thoroughly examine case studies and utilize the relevant knowledge to develop our business.

Big data professionals are playing a larger and larger role in optimizing business.
They collect and process raw data, and create predictive models to forecast future trends.
Tresmore is recruiting a number of big data professionals to make us a key player in the big data revolution.
Customer Tendency Information

Geospatial Information

Geospatial information is data referenced to a place a set of geographic coordinates which can often be gathered, manipulated, and displayed in real time. A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer data system capable of capturing, storing, analyzing, and displaying geographically referenced information.

Consumer Spending Habit

By registering 10 favorite stores, we can analyze where, when, and how much our members spend their savings on the store. We can visually map the user's spending habits on days, weeks, and years.

Seasonality in Consumer Spending

Members will be able to upload their receipts every day. Their spendings can be analyzed by seasons.

Changes in Shopping Trends

Every day, we can analyze the trends of the member's spending on their favorite stores.

Seung Chag Park Ph.D.
Tresmore Advisor Consultant

Degree Doctor
Affiliation Daejeon University and National Institutes
Occupations Professor / Prime Management Consultant / Prime BIT Consultant/ICT Auditor / International ICT Standardization Commissioner / Prime RFID Technician / Poet / Novelist/Singer & Song Writer / Digital Artist / Inventor / Innovator / Venture Angel
University Major Electronics, VLSI semiconductor & Broadcasting, Information & Telecommunication(BIT)
Political Specialty IT-ethics. BIT Policy, Information Security & Protection, Science & Technology, Economy & Trade (FTA/TBT/WTO)
Hot-trendy Specialty RFID / USN / M2M / IoT / WoT / BigData / Al(Artificial Intelligence) / i-Robot / i-Car / Super Computer, FinTech
Industrial Specialty thnic Management of CSR (ISO26000), c-MOT(converged Management-Of-Technology)
Literature & Art Specialty INNO-Biz (Innovative Business), LED / OLED Lighting & Display, Energy Harvesting & Solar Cell, e-Biz solution (ERP / SCM / CRM / KMS / BPR / RTE / DRM) & Web Services, e-Gov Solution & SNS Solution Poet, SF Novel, Essay, Newspaper Column, Singing, Dancing, Composing, LED Media Façade, MICE Events, Contest & Festival
Books Hall Foresight and Practice (published 9JUL2017), Understanding of IoT Intelligence (published 9JUN2014), my 7th Poems “Harmony of IoT relationship” (published 20FEB2017), BINT MIND (published 25MAY2005), my 1st Novel “Ubitopia” (published on 1 JUL2017) and HighTech Commercialization Analysis Reports (from MAY2003 to DEC2016)
Oversea Consultancy A Report on the Telecommunications Advisory Mission Project: “Consultation of NGN Technology Policy in the Philippines” (19OCT2009)
Oversea Speech Kantar Media in Vietnam, “Giga Trend of TV and Media Consumption in Digital Age” (13SEP2016)



2017 April Tresmore, LLC Launched
September TresAcademy Launched
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